Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth Usage

Within LiquidShop, the term "bandwidth" is used to refer to the amount of resources used and data transferred to or from the website within a calendar month, this figure is measured in gigabytes. This article outlines how to make best use of your bandwdith and also the resources that contribute towards the bandwidth monitor.

What factors add to my bandwidth usage?

Website Traffic: One of the main factors that will contribute towards bandwidth usage is general website traffic, every time someone visits your website they contribute to the usage, the average bandwidth consumption by a user will vary depending on your industry, for a website that sells gadgets, partyware or other luxury goods will generally receive a higher rate of browsing traffic than other sites. Website traffic is also contributed by 'Bots', these are used for various reason, the most common being the Google & Bing bot, which crawl the website for their search engine use. Some bots are also malicious in their intent. Bots can be difficult to manage, therefore we recommend the use of our extended firewall service by 'Sucuri'. (please contact support for further information)

Emails/FTP: When using 'Mailboxes or FTP' accounts as part of LiquidShop hosting, their use will contribute towards bandwidth usage.

Images: Each image downloaded from your site to a potential customers computer contributes towards bandwidth, this also includes any banners, PDF's or flash animations you make use of.

How can I optimise my images for web use?

It is important to remember that not all of your customers will have a high speed internet connection, and also that an increasing number of users are browsing on mobile devices, because of this, having particularly large images can significantly increase your page load times and may cause potential users to give up browsing your site.

In this article we cover how to optimise your images for use on your LiquidShop. [Click Here]

Yes you can, image URLs are exportable within the Database Tools module, though doing this will contribute towards your bandwidth usage, for this reason it is not recommended.

What should I do if I'm expecting a surge in traffic?

Should you be expecting any surge in traffic to your website as a result of online or offline advertising, it is important that this is discussed with us to ensure the necessary server resources are put in place ahead of time.

If you have any questions regarding Bandwidth monitoring, please contact our Support Department who will be happy to assist.